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Richard Starr was born and raised and still lives here in the Central community. He is a graduate of East Technical High School and went on to get his Bachelor's Degree from Baldwin Wallace University. Starr worked as a Community Center Director in the King Kennedy neighborhood where he grew up and currently serves as the Director of Sports & Recreation for The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio. In 2018 Richard Starr was elected as the Cleveland Ward 5 Democrat Ward Leader. Since then, he has led various initiatives and has organized events around Safe Neighborhoods, Economic Empowerment, and education for young people and adults.  

Richard Starr currently serves on various community boards such as Faith Community United Credit Union, Northeast Ohio Young Black Democrats, Book Bank Young Professionals, and The Telos Institute boards. 

Richard Starr has been a tireless advocate for Cleveland's Central neighborhood residents.  Besides his work with kids at "The Center," he has been a volunteer football coach and mentors hundreds of children throughout the city. In 2017 Richard received the CultureShoc Buffalo Award; in 2018, he became Champion of Central by Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood. Most recently was honored as the "2019 Partner of the Year" by Shoes and Clothes for Kids and became a Promise Ambassador, a leader in Central Neighborhood who aids to improve the quality of education systems and resources. Richard leadership dates back to high school, where he served as Class President for ℅ 2007 and was also named "2007 State of Ohio Youth of the Year" from Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
His experience working with the youth and throughout the community gives Richard a unique perspective. He has his finger on the pulse of what this community needs. He understands people have the power to change their surroundings, People create their reality, and change comes from within.
He sees and envisions the endless possibilities for all the people of Ward 5. But, unfortunately, he has also seen the tragic heartbreak of dreams cut short due to senseless gun violence. Richard wants a Ward 5 that works for all the people. 

During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, Richard Starr continued being a servant. Richard organized a Unity Peace March and provided community members with over 42,000 pounds of food through biweekly produce and dairy distributions.  Furthermore, Richard has also distributed 2,800 masks and has participated in a handful of voter education initiatives, such as voter registration, phone banking, and robocalls for the presidential election in 2020. In addition to his extensive career in service, Richard will graduate with his Master's degree in Business Administration in July of 2021. 


STAND with Richard A. Starr, a proven leader, and advocate for the people! Your support to the "Friends of Richard A. Starr" campaign will help Richard A. Starr's positive change efforts.

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Richard's Message
"We will restore Cleveland Ward 5 by participating in Democracy, one vote at a time." 

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