"As someone who grew up in the ward, I am aware of the many challenges we face and am committed to finding solutions that put the interests of our residents first. My goal is to be a public servant. Please join me in this effort to create a better community."
Public Safety

Police cannot solve the crime problem alone. We need people in neighborhoods to be active partners in public safety. To accomplish this, we need to give neighborhood leaders a real seat at the table on public safety issues and policies. We need to fully listen to them and help them design policies and carry them out.
We must get better at identifying people in our society who are at the highest risk of committing crime and stage multi-level interventions with them. We need to apply the city's rich resources and the community to give those at-risk alternative pathways to education and jobs. We have serious public safety issues facing many neighborhoods in Cleveland. However, one of the most pressing is the rise in gang-related crimes, especially those involving firearms. We need to focus on the problem of gun violence. While there are no easy answers here, I will approach these problems from every possible angle using all the resources to help prevent gun violence.

Civic Engagement

The goal of civic engagement is to address public concerns and promote the quality of the community. Participation in civic engagement activities can help residents become better informed about current opportunities. Cleveland Ward 5 is a resourceful community that is home to organizations such as Burten Bell Carr, Sisters of Charity, University Settlement, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, Care Alliance, Cuyahoga County Administration, and St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. As we start to get over Covid-19 it is important that we maximize all the resources that are offered by partners and stakeholders.


College is not for everyone and should not be the only option that is presented to residents. We need to aggressively establish a career readiness pipeline to help fill the lack of trade jobs. As councilman I will help establish a partnership with Cuyahoga Community College and Vocational Guidance Services to help prepare and expose residents to an opportunity to start their trade career in fields such as construction, HVAC, Electrical, and Welding.